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Job Title Category State Country
Customer Care Executive Customer Services Selangor Malaysia
Human Resource Manager Human Resource Manager Selangor Malaysia
Logistic Analyst Transportation & Logistics W.P Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Product Manager (Valve Specialist) Marketing & Communication Selangor Malaysia
Project Manager Project Management Selangor Malaysia
Senior FP Banking/Finance W.P Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Channel Marketing Executive Sales/Marketing Leader Selangor Malaysia
HR Manager Human Resource Manager Selangor Malaysia
Account Manager Sales-Engineering/IT Selangor Malaysia
Advanced Specialist, Business Intelligence Analysis(IT) Analyst W.P Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

[Jessica] Ingenious is truly an employer that cares and values peoples. Whether it be job seekers or its employees, Ingenious listens to the ambition and needs of the people and caters a job that fits the needs of the job seekers and the requirements of the employers accordingly. It ......Administrators