SIMPLE Interview Tips

Smart appearing includes attend to interview (i) punctually, (ii) with proper dress code, and (iii) good first impression for interviewer, which all happen in the very first few minutes once you step into the company compound.

When attending to an appointment it is very often we see applicants late. Being late has been one of the major reason that fails the applicant despite their outstanding portfolio. Plan ahead on your travel journey, and make sure you are there 15 minutes early. This shows your sincerity.

Being more reserve in dressing up yourself is a wiser option in majority of the job interviews. There are candidates who try to impress the interviewer with “impressive” attire, have not doubts these attempts normally end up with unfavourable outcome.

Your interactions with everyone in the company could be part of the assessments of the hiring process. You might not be aware of your comfortable sitting gesture in the interview room while waiting for the interviewer. This alone could have determined the outcome of the interview, yet this is how nonverbal communication plays a part. Make sure you are having good interactions with everyone that you encounter, as they are your keys to Success.

Study the company profile and understand your potential employer is crucial. Without the proper planning shows that you plan to fail.

Most of the interview would include specific questions about the company to shows how well you understand the company. This helps you to impress the employer that you are ready to join them, and ready to contribute to the company as soon you are in.

There are some questions where you could answer by including your understanding on the company. Yet, this could not be done without serious research and study on the available information. For example, a Software Programmer who reflects good understanding on the company products would more likely to secure the job compare to another Software Programmer who is equally good in technical, but does not know what products the company carries.

Make sure you know what position you are applying, and understand the scopes of work that you would be handling. This is the very fundamental requirement for a successful interview, and mastering the profession required more effort.

The chances of getting the job is high, when you are (i) able to identify the significance of the role in the company, (ii) able to show how well equipped and understanding of the required skills and knowledge, (iii) able to understand potential challenges and lastly (iv) able to come out with a few solutions for potential challenges ahead. Last but not least, this ought to be a career you plan to develop and let your interviewer understand this well.

Address clearly how much you can contribute to the company for the position you applied, tally this with your personal statement. Company does not expect someone who does not know his strengths and values to be a part of the organisation. By positioning yourself with simple straightforward and highly personalised "Personal Statement", you stand a chance to further proceed.

E.g. As a highly-motivated and results orientated sales manager, I have a proven track record of providing outstanding sales services and support to a respective clients in Oil & Gas and Power industry.

Nowadays, most of the companies are expecting an employee who are equipped with leadership traits such as goal oriented, problem solving, facilitator, conflicts resolver, highly self-initiative and etc.

Candidate who is capable on handling and performing tasks assigned independently without silly mistakes, through acquiring information from available sources and actively learning from experienced colleagues would be highly favourable. By hiring someone with these leadership traits, the direct superior or manager could have save time in training the new employee while securing a potential leader in the organisation.

On top of that, research shows that on job training with active learning and experiential learning approach is more effective compare to passive learning that most fresh graduates would be expecting. Hence, please be ready for the role, and stop demanding for resources which employer might feel available elsewhere. Yet, always open up and discuss with your direct superior when there is confusion, you are expected to resolve issues actively.

Employers understand what are the expectations of an employee well, as they used to be employee like you before sitting behind the big table. Be more flexible in different aspects if you are seriously looking for a good opportunity with respective company, unless your ultimate intention is only financial income. Easy going candidate is more likely to get the job, and the returns in knowledge that come later is worth more than just money.

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